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Month: October 2017

Weekly Wednesday: Episode 24


Reading: Still doing the real-time read of A Discovery of Witches — not much to read for it this week.  Finished A Queen from the North, and The Midnight Dance, as well.

Watching:  Dancing with the Stars, The Walking Dead.  And of course the Grand Prix of Figure skating.

Playing: Stardew Valley.  Lots of it.  Can’t wait for the new Mario on Friday.

Doing:  Read last night at Lit Up Orange County, which was lots of fun.

Planning:  We have a visitor from out of town on Friday, and so there’s some tidying up and moving things around.  And, of course, getting ready for the big launch party next Thursday.

Writing:  Some final polishes to On Thin Ice so I can send another round of queries.

Obsessing Over: Getting stuff done…

Weekly Wednesday: Episode 23


Beautiful book with fantastic writing! #themidnightdance. Happy belated #bookbirthday. #bookstagram #amreading

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Reading: Still doing the real-time read of A Discovery of Witches — and finishing up A Queen from the North, an amazing alternate history set in an England where the War of the Roses never ended and a girl from the North is about to marry the Prince of Wales (no, not Charles — the family bloodline also took a different turn).  And, amid all this, The Midnight Dance was released, and it’s amazing.  Take a look because of the stunning cover, stay for the amazing and unique world-building and the ballet themes.

Watching:  Dancing with the Stars, obviously.  And wanting to find the time to watch The Walking Dead.  I watch it with my husband, usually, and we haven’t been available and able to devote our full attention to it.

Playing: I finished up Bioshock, playing a lot of Stardew Valley.

Doing:  Did a major purge of random stuff in the pantry last night, does that count?  :p

Planning:  NaNoWriMo, Halloween stuff, the usual stuff this time of year.

Writing:  Polishing up a bit of The Lion and the Eagle to read at my critique group tomorrow, just like I was the last Weekly Wednesday.  At least I’m getting stuff done?  Also prepping for an event on Tuesday for the anthology I’m in.  🙂

Obsessing Over: Medvedeva’s new program.

Weekly Wednesday: Episode 22


Reading: Still doing the real-time read of A Discovery of Witches — today is a day off.  I’m also reading Metro 2033.  I bought the book on Kindle a while ago, but the formatting has major problems (poor paragraph formatting, chapter titles replaced with black bars like on a censored government document, and more) so I ended up returning the Kindle edition and getting the paperback, which is MUCH better.  Note: the trailer above is based more on the video game series than the books.  In the books, the main character (Artyom) is in the metro with his mother when their station is overcome by rats and is handed over to his foster dad then.  Apparently, in the games, his mother never makes it down into the metro in the first place.

Watching:  Dancing with the Stars still, of course.

Playing: Yes, I got rid of “listening.”  But, since you can “play” music, I can mention it here if needed, or down in “obsessing” so, nothing lost.  This is now a video game section, essentially, with a bit of board game stuff every now and then.  So, what have I been playing?  My husband got the remastered Bioshock collection over the weekend, and I’ve been playing it on “easy mode,” which I don’t usually do.  I’m not a huge 1st person shooter player, though, and I’m more interested in the story and world building, so I decided to play on “easy” in order to focus on the story.

Doing: Going to writing events, writing, all the stuff in the other sections.

Planning:  Events and fun for NaNoWriMo this year, as well as a bit of stuff related to what I’m writing.  I’ll be tackling a bit of the sequel to The Lion and the Eagle, entitled The Bear and the Rising Sun.  It covers the war years, which are, of course, very different in this alternate history.

Writing:  Polishing up a bit of The Lion and the Eagle to read at my critique group tomorrow.

Obsessing Over: Halloween!  It’s almost here!