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Silly Saturday: Horrible Histories – WWI Cousins

While not in the best of taste, this sure is worth a laugh!

Silly Saturday: Sushi Candy


My husband’s colleague gave us this sushi candy kit from Japan.  I’d seen these on YouTube a long time ago, and I’d always wanted to try making one.  The basic concept is that the included tray does all the measuring for you and all of the components are made by filling a certain compartment up to the line with water and then mixing in a specific packet full of powder.


I don’t read Japanese, so I had to watch a YouTube video to find out what packet to put where.  Literally, everything is included, right down to the background with plates and garnish printed on it (that was actually the inner bag, but you cut off the ends and back where the bag is sealed and it makes the place-mat thing).

The first part that you actually make is the rice.  It is made using the largest packet (light blue).  There isn’t much to see in a picture because of course the candy rice is white and so is the tray, so I didn’t photograph this step, but basically you fill the water up to fill in the oval section of the tray and then mix in all the powder until it is fully combined and the mixture starts to look a bit like rice.  You can see a bit of the rice in the next few pictures.


The next step is making the egg and the salmon.  The egg goes into the long section on the left and is made using the yellow-orange colored packet.  Using the dropper, fill the compartment up to the line with water, mix in the powder and then smooth out the mixture with the spatula.  That will allow it to firm up while you finish the rest of the sushi.  20170212_200544(0)

To make the salmon, do the same thing with the compartment on the right, using the hot pink packet.  The embossed designs on the tray will make the egg and the salmon have the right texture and look.  It really looks realistic when it’s all done.


The next part is my personal favorite and definitely was the most exciting thing for my kids.  The fish eggs/caviar.

First you fill section A with water up to the line and stir in the contents of the teal packet.  Then you fill section B to the line and add the darker orange packet and stir.  Next, you fill the dropper up with the stuff in B and slowly, carefully add it to A.  The little droplets will form fish eggs that taste and feel a lot like popping boba, if you have ever had that at your local bubble tea joint.

Check out the video below to see just how mesmerizing, addicting, and downright cool this part is.

Next, it is time to assemble the little bits of sushi candy.


The egg and salmon need to be cut in half in order to make the right size pieces.  You also want to cut off a little extra in order to chop it up and make the final piece, which is made with a little chopped salmon, a little chopped egg, and some caviar.

Over on the side of the placemat, there are a few guidelines.  One shows how to stretch out the sushi seaweed clay candy stuff — that will make the one with the fish eggs.  The other shows how large to make the rice for everything.  That guideline size is good for the inside of the caviar/ikura sushi, but a little small for everything else.

The kit makes caviar wrapped sushi with the fake sea week, two egg sushi, two salmon sushi, and one that looks like a pile of rice with chopped fish and egg on top.

20170212_201448Once you have assembled everything it is time to make the soy sauce.  Fill the upper compartment in the center (the only one we haven’t used yet) with the stuff in the brown packet.  This mixture will be more runny than the rest, but you can use the eye dropper to add just a little bit on top of each of the pieces of sushi to add a little color. The pictures above are without the soy sauce and the picture below shows what the candy sushi looks like with it.

The final question — how does the sushi taste?  Well, it doesn’t taste like sushi.  (That would be weird.)  The rice actually tastes a lot like Japanese ramune candy (so, basically, it tastes like Sprite or 7-up in the US).  The gummy parts just taste like sweet gummy candy.  It tastes good, even if it doesn’t have tons of flavor.  Basically, it is more about how it looks than how it tastes, though it is definitely a lot of fun and I would make it again.