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Category: tea tuesday

Tea Tuesday: Roasting Water

One of my friends told me a lot of good things about Roasting Water, a chain of boba places known for their adorable bottle shaped containers that come with all of their cold drinks.

Now, the first time I went there, I didn’t know that hot drinks didn’t come in the bottle.  They just come in a regular paper to-go cup, but you can buy a mug and have them put it in that for not all that much extra — I think it’s $5.  BUT, I didn’t know that, so my first drink there was a hot almond black milk tea in a paper cup.  At first I was disappointed — but then I took a sip.  It was the best almond milk tea I had EVER tasted, and that is my favorite thing to get at pretty much any tea place.

Of course, the next time I went, I had to try a cold drink to get my hands on one of those adorable bottles.  So I ordered the white chocolate and caramel frappe.  It was also simply amazing!

And the bottle is so cute — it says “You are boba-ly my type.”  I hear that they rotate the designs occasionally, and some people collect the different bottles.

I highly recommend Roasting Water to anyone who likes tea or boba.  Their prices are lower than other boba places, and the presentation is so cute.


Tea Tuesday: Lit Up

20170221_185655Today’s Tea Tuesday took me and my friend Belle (also a writer) to a local literary event called Lit Up in a local coffee house.

The basic format of the event is readings followed by questions asked of the audience and then questions asked of the writers.  It’s a neat way to get feedback and see what does well with the crowd.  I read at their very first reading and it’s definitely something I would love to do again.

Tonight, the three writers were all very different but also very interesting.

The first reader, Annie Moose, read a selection from her novel, Arkansas Summer, about a California girl who goes to Arkansas for a summer in 1955 and falls in love with a black boy and the challenges they face.  She writes beautifully, with great descriptions and a vivid sense of setting.

Next up was my friend D.M. Roberts, and her comedic novel Running with Hounds…And an English Degree.  It is the story of a young college graduate who ends up dog sitting for a wealthy couple.  Donna’s work is always good for a laugh.


The final author was David Putnam, a former law enforcement officer turned thriller writer, reading his new book The Vanquished.  His life experience and expertise made the story very credible and detailed, and it all felt very real.

In fact, that was the thing that tied all three readings together — all three writers were incorporating aspects of their real life experiences or professions into their writing.

Belle and I both enjoyed tea — she got Earl Grey and I got the rose-petal black tea.  Even though Kean Coffee is known as a coffee shop, their tea is probably the best thing there — all loose leaf and, when you order it “for here,” it comes in a cute little white tea pot.  They will also refill the tea with hot water, and it’s just as good the second time around because it is such high quality tea.


Tea Tuesday: St. Valentine


20170214_162409We had lots of tea this Tea Tuesday!

My husband and I enjoyed some boba drinks together (Thai tea for him and strawberry/rose for me) at Boba and Water in Rancho Cucamonga.  They are known for using only purified water.  The ice in my husband’s tea was perfectly pure and clear, and this really brings out the flavor, since you aren’t tasting all of the impurities in the water.  They also have a very large variety of flavors that you can add to the drinks.


My husband wanted to use his new mug that I gave him for Valentine’s Day. I have some flavored black tea that is actually called St. Valentine’s tea, so what better way to try out the new mug?  It is from the Tsar Nicholas II tea company, which makes Russian teas and can be found in Russian markets and gift shops.

The mug is a lot of fun — it is based on the old 8 bit video games where the player’s life is represented by hearts that empty.  The mug is heat activated and the heart turns red when the tea is poured in (see video below).

He was very happy with his gift, and we had a lot of fun with it.  I figured it was the most manly thing ever to sport a heart motif.