Sui/Han (China)

This pair took advantage of the mistakes of others to win 2017 Worlds.  While they lack the dynamic style of other pairs, they are generally technically clean.


Savchenko/Massot (Germany)

If these two put together two clean programs, including their throw triple Axel, they will be unbeatable.  However, they haven’t managed to put together flawless programs yet.  Here’s hoping that they’re saving that for the Olympic season!  Aliona is a huge sentimental favorite for many skating fans, and the way she continues to push the envelope technically (despite being over 30) is inspiring to say the least.
Tarasova/Morozov (Russia)

This pair represents Russia’s best shot at the upcoming Olympics.  They did well at Worlds despite working through injury.  They still have room to grow artistically, but if they put together two clean programs, anything can happen.


Duhamel/Radford (Canada)

These two-time world champion have been struggling recently.  Injuries and now a coaching change raise doubts about their chances in 2018.  But it would be foolish to count them out.