One of my friends told me a lot of good things about Roasting Water, a chain of boba places known for their adorable bottle shaped containers that come with all of their cold drinks.

Now, the first time I went there, I didn’t know that hot drinks didn’t come in the bottle.  They just come in a regular paper to-go cup, but you can buy a mug and have them put it in that for not all that much extra — I think it’s $5.  BUT, I didn’t know that, so my first drink there was a hot almond black milk tea in a paper cup.  At first I was disappointed — but then I took a sip.  It was the best almond milk tea I had EVER tasted, and that is my favorite thing to get at pretty much any tea place.

Of course, the next time I went, I had to try a cold drink to get my hands on one of those adorable bottles.  So I ordered the white chocolate and caramel frappe.  It was also simply amazing!

And the bottle is so cute — it says “You are boba-ly my type.”  I hear that they rotate the designs occasionally, and some people collect the different bottles.

I highly recommend Roasting Water to anyone who likes tea or boba.  Their prices are lower than other boba places, and the presentation is so cute.