20170214_162409We had lots of tea this Tea Tuesday!

My husband and I enjoyed some boba drinks together (Thai tea for him and strawberry/rose for me) at Boba and Water in Rancho Cucamonga.  They are known for using only purified water.  The ice in my husband’s tea was perfectly pure and clear, and this really brings out the flavor, since you aren’t tasting all of the impurities in the water.  They also have a very large variety of flavors that you can add to the drinks.


My husband wanted to use his new mug that I gave him for Valentine’s Day. I have some flavored black tea that is actually called St. Valentine’s tea, so what better way to try out the new mug?  It is from the Tsar Nicholas II tea company, which makes Russian teas and can be found in Russian markets and gift shops.

The mug is a lot of fun — it is based on the old 8 bit video games where the player’s life is represented by hearts that empty.  The mug is heat activated and the heart turns red when the tea is poured in (see video below).

He was very happy with his gift, and we had a lot of fun with it.  I figured it was the most manly thing ever to sport a heart motif.