Reading: Finally started Rich People Problems tonight.  It’s funny as always.  I can’t wait for the Crazy Rich Asians film. Been soooo busy.


Watching: Not much, actually.  I don’t think I’ve watched any TV all week, other than America’s Got Talent. Well, and my annual anniversary viewing of the first episode of Dark Shadows.

Listening:  The radio in the car, for the most part.

Doing: Not much outside of writing and playing video games.  Life is Strange (free this month with Playstation Plus) was a blast.  Can’t wait for the prequel this fall.  🙂

Planning:  Going after the new quests and experiences in the Breath of the Wild downloadable content that releases on Friday.

Writing: Revising the first few chapters of On Thin Ice, yet again, to send out more queries.  And hopefully bringing more of The Lion and the Eagle to my critique group tomorrow night.  I will also be doing Camp NaNoWriMo as part of the revision for The Lion and the Eagle.

Obsessing Over: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5.  I didn’t have a Playstation 2 as a kid, so this is my first real go at this game.  I love it and I’m almost done.