Reading: Charade by Sandra Brown.  It’s a re-release of one of her thrillers from the ’90s, and she has definitely grown as a writer since then.  It’s still very riveting, however, and is about a heart transplant recipient who is the target of a murderer.  I just finished Libba Bray’s The Diviners, which was fantastic.  I’ll be reading the sequel soon to get ready for the final book next month.  I’m also doing the real-time read of A Discovery of Witches, and I’m picking up a lot of the foreshadowing the second time around.  This real-time read is really a master class in how to execute foreshadowing.

Watching:  America’s Got Talent.  I’m dreading the results show tonight because there are so many amazing acts that I would love to see win, and of course only one million dollar contract to be awarded.  Dancing with the Stars also just started up for their 25th season (goodness, that makes me feel old, even when I remind myself that they do two a year), and I am enjoying this season’s cast.  This time around, no one seems to have a decided advantage over the rest, and I can’t wait to see how they grow as dancers over the course of the season.

Listening: The usual stuff on the radio — nothing too exciting.

Doing:  Getting ready for the Southern California Writer’s Conference this weekend.  Printing stuff out like crazy, prepping my laptop bag, all that good stuff.

Planning:  I have all my workshops, etc, all mapped out, and I’m excited for the conference.  Outfit planning as well, of course.

Writing:  Editing The Lion and the Eagle, querying On Thin Ice.  Writing sales letters for the anthology (California: It’s All in the Story).

Obsessing Over: The fan theory that Jay Gatsby is really Jack from Titanic.  My husband’s theory?  He sold the Heart of the Ocean and stole it back, then willed it to Rose.  My theory — if that’s true, then she lied about it all those years.  Hubby says that’s why she had to throw the diamond overboard.  I think she lied about Jack’s death, if this is all true, making her the most unreliable narrator in the history of mankind.  😛