Reading: Besides the real-time read of A Discovery of Witches, and I’m enjoying Good Sam (a mystery about someone doing something good for others rather than a murder mystery) and Webs of Power by Darlene Quinn, a novel about the cut throat world of the department store industry in the 1980’s.  Even though it’s set in LA and not San Francisco, it makes me miss shopping at the Emporium.  Macy’s is just boring by comparison to all the wonderful regional stores, each with their own character, that we lost.  I do enjoy Bloomingdales, but even that isn’t the same.  I still have a few vintage hats with the old store labels (spent most of the weekend wearing one from Bullocks Wilshire, and I have a leopard print hat from I. Magnin that was my grandmother’s).

Watching:  Dancing with the Stars has been fantastic so far.  I’m really rooting for Victoria and Val and I’m excited to see what they come up with going forward. Victoria’s story is so amazing and dramatic that, if someone put it into a novel, it would need to be toned down to be “believable.”

Listening: Nothing all that interesting.  Should I discontinue this “listening” section?  Maybe…

Doing:  I just attended the Southern California Writer’s Conference (LA/Irvine 15) over the weekend.  It was fantastic.

Planning:  A reading of my short story, “Zolota,” from the anthology It’s All in the Story: California.  On October 24th, I will be reading the short story at Lit Up Orange County: A Conversation with Readers and Writers.

Writing:  Making some changes to On Thin Ice (and its query letter) based on suggestions I got at the conference.  I’m also adding a scene to The Lion and the Eagle.

Obsessing Over: Evgenia Medvedeva’s new programs.  I’m so excited for the Olympics!