Beautiful book with fantastic writing! #themidnightdance. Happy belated #bookbirthday. #bookstagram #amreading

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Reading: Still doing the real-time read of A Discovery of Witches — and finishing up A Queen from the North, an amazing alternate history set in an England where the War of the Roses never ended and a girl from the North is about to marry the Prince of Wales (no, not Charles — the family bloodline also took a different turn).  And, amid all this, The Midnight Dance was released, and it’s amazing.  Take a look because of the stunning cover, stay for the amazing and unique world-building and the ballet themes.

Watching:  Dancing with the Stars, obviously.  And wanting to find the time to watch The Walking Dead.  I watch it with my husband, usually, and we haven’t been available and able to devote our full attention to it.

Playing: I finished up Bioshock, playing a lot of Stardew Valley.

Doing:  Did a major purge of random stuff in the pantry last night, does that count?  :p

Planning:  NaNoWriMo, Halloween stuff, the usual stuff this time of year.

Writing:  Polishing up a bit of The Lion and the Eagle to read at my critique group tomorrow, just like I was the last Weekly Wednesday.  At least I’m getting stuff done?  Also prepping for an event on Tuesday for the anthology I’m in.  🙂

Obsessing Over: Medvedeva’s new program.