Reading: I finished A Discovery of Witches and now I’m reading the sequel, Shadow of Night while continuing to read Queen Marie’s autobiography.  The All Souls Trilogy definitely shares some DNA with Outlander, but not in a bad way — and I much prefer the romantic interest in this one. (I never really got on the Jamie Fraser train until after the time jump, when he grew up considerably.)

Watching:  The return of Designated Survivor was very thrilling — we’ve jokingly called the mid-season cliffhanger “Who did JR shoot?” for a while…and it was very nice to finally get an answer.  And, of course, I watched the Iditarod finish, as always.  Nice to see two records broken at once (fastest time, oldest winner).

Listening: The soundtrack from VOEZ. I’m not usually hugely into J-pop, but it’s a fun change of pace. I’ve also been playing VOEZ for the Switch.  I’d played the mobile game a little to see what it was about, but the Switch version is a better buy, since all the songs are unlocked.  It’s a rhythm game that’s a bit like Dance Dance Revolution for the fingers.  Lots of fun.  Really loving the song “Run Lads Run.”

Doing: Still playing the Switch, doing some pet sitting…nothing TOO interesting around here.

Planning:  Research for the new short story (see below) and jumping back into the world of The Lion and the Eagle soon.

Writing: I’m abandoning, at least for now, the short story I was writing for the anthology.  Another idea popped in my head, and it just won’t leave me alone.  And this one is Alternate History, so that’s good.  But it’s nothing like The Lion and the Eagle.  As for what it is like, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Obsessing Over: #1917live has been very interesting this week.  It’s really heated up and it does a good job of showing just how quickly the Russian Revolution actually unfolded in the end.