Reading: Shadow of Night while continuing to read Queen Marie’s autobiography and some research material for my short story.  Not much time to read this week, unfortunately.

Watching: Dancing with the Stars started up again this week.  I’m rooting for Nancy Kerrigan — it’s good to see her in the spotlight again.  I hope she gets her wish of becoming known primarily for her two Olympic medals rather than for being the victim of an attack — but it doesn’t seem likely (especially since the attack was basically the first thing they mentioned in her intro).

Listening: Still on an Irish music kick following St. Patrick’s Day.  Celtic Woman and The Dubliners for the win.

Doing: Getting the cable company situation all switched over before the World Championships start — after the storm during Nationals, we’re ditching the dish.  Also, expect skating related posts during Worlds!

Planning:  Finally done planning my #PitMad pitches.  Wish me luck!

Writing: Finishing up my short story for the anthology to bring it to my critique group tomorrow night.

Obsessing Over: The All Souls series (A Discovery of Witches, etc), even though I’m not completely finished.  I even signed up for the livestream of the convention in September.  I can’t make it to New Orleans, but I still get to hear all the presentations.  🙂