Reading: Finished Shadow of Night and started The Book of Life.  Still loving the All Souls series, but I haven’t had much time to read because of writing obligations…more on that later.

Watching: It’s all about the World Figure Skating Championships (SPOILERS AHEAD) and Evgenia Medvedeva.  She’s a goddess in this sport, my goodness — the jumps of a jumping machine, but she’s no machine.  Here’s hoping she does as well in the Long as she did in the Short.  She may not have topped her own world record score, but she came close (and the judges were likely leaving a bit of room since she was the first one to skate in her warm-up group).

Listening: Haven’t done much of that this week…too busy.

Doing: After a very successful #PitMad experience (4 agents and an editor requesting materials!  and a partial manuscript request!!), I had quite a lot to send out.

Planning:  I feel much more confident to continue querying in general because of #PitMad, so I am now developing my “plan of attack” going forward.

Writing: Revising my alternate history short story.  Finished up sending out the stuff agents requested during #PitMad.

Obsessing Over: Besides Medvedeva?  :p  As anyone who knows anything about On Thin Ice knows, pairs skating is my first love.  And there are SO many good teams this year.  But more on that later… (Figure Skating Friday and some extra stuff too.) Also, the above ad for US Figure Skating is awesome.  And as someone who skated in high school, it’s very true.