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Alternate History.

The Man in the High Castle meets The Crown.

The year is 1936.  King Edward VIII is newly on the English throne and the American divorcee Wallis Simpson is his mistress.  But this is not the history that we know…

In 1917, the Russian Revolution failed to gain traction.  Tsar Nicholas II retained his crown and most of his power as the Great War came to a close.  He argued for a more moderate approach to post-war reparations and “discipline” — and Germany does not descend into economic collapse, hyperinflation, and the desperation that led to Hitler’s rise to power.

The Tsar’s children are all married, with children of their own, and they are poised to change the history of Europe.  As Olga, the Tsar’s eldest daughter, finds herself on the throne of England beside her unfaithful husband and Alexei, the Tsar’s hemophiliac son, clings to life, the Imperial family must find their place in a changing world.